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August, 13, 2010 | 0Comments

LendingTree Foundation Highlight on Personal Finance. Sharon Fowler, Executive Director of The LendingTree Foundation, a non-profit group that aims to empower individuals and families in their personal financial lives, talks about the Foundation’s Financial Fitness Academy and financial literacy programs that will begin in August:

The economy has been tough on many of us, and the need for financial literacy is particularly important as we all evaluate our short- and long-term goals. That’s why we are really excited about The LendingTree Foundation starting an educational program this month in Charlotte, North Carolina called the Financial Fitness Academy.

The financial literacy program brings together two very special groups of people. Volunteers from the LendingTree Charlotte headquarters have been trained in personal finance tips and strategies. They will be working one-on-one with members of the community who want to reduce their debt, increase their savings, and take control of their financial lives.

Our volunteers include employees from the tech department, human resources and even a Sr. vice president. They bring their own personal experiences, such as being a single parent or working their way through college. Our “clients” come to us through the Charlotte YMCA and they are chosen for their demonstrated commitment to improving their financial situations. We expect to have up to 10 clients start the inaugural program.

Often times people achieve financial literacy through trial and error. The program provides structured educational framework that we created after months of research into personal finance tools and methods. It also includes an incentive system to reward clients who meet their savings goals. Through the program, clients will follow a budget and set aside savings in a bank account set up by the Foundation. During the course of the program, the Foundation will match client savings dollar-for-dollar up to a specific savings goal.

This financial literacy partnership means some give and take from both ends. Coaches will help people consider carefully their expenditure decisions. At the same time, if Coaches see a true need for resources, such as paying for childrens’ school clothes or even pursuing additional education, The LendingTree Foundation will find ways to help through the Financial Futures Fund. To learn more about the program: contact Sharon Fowler at sharon.fowler@lendingtreefoundation.org or visit our website at www.thelendingtreefoundation.org.

-By Sharon Fowler, Executive Director of The LendingTree Foundation